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    Integrated Sandy Bridge graphics defective - replace mainboard or CPU?


      After a lot of trying I have come to the conclusion that there must be a hardware defect in my system.


      I use a DH67CL board with a 2100T processor, and I cannot get graphics to work.


      When I install the graphics driver in Windows 7 and reboot, the PC hangs and after around 10 minutes I get a bluescreen (monitor connected via DVI, also tried VGA). Have tried about every version of the driver and also different mainboard BIOS revisions, and have also installed Windows 7 around 5 times.


      Then I have also tried Windows XP, same here: installed graphics driver, reboot, blue screen (if you want, I can post the minidump).


      Finally I have also tried the latest Ubuntu: works with failsafe (=svga) driver, does not boot to desktop with hardware accelerated Intel driver.


      I have swapped RAM and PSU and disconnected all other periphials without effect.


      So I am quite sure now that there must be a hardware defect.


      But which part should I RMA? The mainboard or the CPU?


      Thank you for your advice.