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    Crash in RAID mode with DX58SO and Windows 7


      I am new to RAID and tried to setup a RAID 5 partition using four 2TB drives (Samsung HD204UI) using the BIOS setup (set to RAID mode instead of AHCI mode).  I created a single RAID 5 partition sized 5588.92 GB after selecting all four drives.  This is going to be a data drive only with a single SSD for booting the OS (Windows 7 64bit) and storing most apps.


      Now it appears the partition was created successfully using the BIOS/RAID setup, but when I try booting in RAID mode the OS crashes.  So I went back into the BIOS and set the mode to AHCI and everything seems to work fine booting the OS and accessing the drive.  I still see the single partion and am able to format it in NTFS without any problems.


      Is this the way it is supposed to work?  Am I using the RAID capabilities in AHCI mode?  I did install the latest Intel RST software/drivers even though Windows 7 comes with the drivers.  Should I set the mode back to RAID before using the drive and determine why the OS or driver crashes with a blue screen on bootup?


      Thanks for your help