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    My WiFi Technology disabled -- won't enable


      When I first start my computer, My WiFi and WiDi work fine. After using the computer for a while, or after waking it up from hibernation, WiDi says My WiFi is disabled, and to scan for adapters to enable. However, the scan doesn't work and the same message shows up at the end. The computer beeps and a notification shows up on the bottom-right of the screen saying My WiFi is disabled.


      If I go into the My WiFi program and hit the Enable button, it goes gray for a few seconds, then back to the green Enable button. Again, I'm greeted by a beep and a notification box letting me know My WiFi is disabled. (Thanks, I already knew that! It must be mocking me.)


      So neither of these methods work to enable My WiFi. I have the latest PROSet driver, the latest WiDi driver, etc.


      My computer is a new Toshiba Satellite E305-1990x.