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    DQ45EK won't power-off (for long) - powers back on automatically (Mobo or PSU?)



      I've got this problem with my DQ45EK.  I've got 2 DQ45EKs and they're both flashed (successfully - I've checked via F2 at boot) to the lastest BIOS update on the Intel site - as of a month or so ago.  They're also setup the same way in the BIOS.  I've even forcing-off the Wake On Lan stuff to no effect - I'm not even trying to Wake On Lan (magic packet, I'm on an isolated network, and I'm NOT sending a WOL packet).  The fact that I've got two identical systems (albeit, part numbers will obviously be different) has helped to diagnose this problem as 'not me'



      When I do an O/S halt-with-powerdown (e.g. linux: halt -p) one of the systems does exactly what it should - halts and then powers-down, the other system does not..   Well, it does halt, and power-down, but then after a few seconds, powers-on again.



      I'm running these two systems co-located in a data centre, and they do scheduled maintenance on their UPSs once a year.  These systems are 1/2U each running in the same 1U chassis - so I can't dual-feed the motherboards to avoid the impact of a scheduled (in-line) UPS outage.  I'm totally befuddled as to why this board is behaving like this.  Should I send it back as faulty, and even if I did, I couldn't guarantee it's replacement wouldn't have the same defect.  I can't really buy a replacement and test it before replacing the faulty co-located one, because it'd be a whole system, as all my spare parts are onsite.


      Could it be a faulty PSU?  Any suggestions please?  Thanks, Alex.

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          Did you ever find a resolution to this problem? I have the exact same issue.

          I can't seem to keep this board from waking up after a shutdown. It's annoying

          because it lets the hard disk start to spin up but then cuts to power off. On & off

          every 30 seconds or so. Can't be very good for the hard disk.


          I updated to the latest BIOS 133, no change. Disable AMT, no change, turned off

          any of the settings in the BIOS that would cause a power on (i.e. LAN), no change.


          If you google this issue, you find a number of people who have this same issue but

          no resolution.


          Appreciate any help...