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    execution of the DG43GT BIOS ver 0035 fails with "internal error"


      the windows executable of version 0035 fails every time. 


      the current version 0029 is not recognizing a logitech USB keyboard on boot, even though the BIOS has all legacy USB support enabled.


      So I want to go to the 0035 version to see if it works there...  Why not? It shows as a keyboard to the system and windows works with it just fine... why can't Intel see it?


      Sys info shows it not under HID section, but as a keyboard... a Logitech failure?


      NONETHELESS the v 0035 executable [GTG4310H.86A.0035.EB.EXE] always fails with "internal error" Capture.JPG

      what now?  I just want this dang keyboard to work...