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    Intel's My wifi technology and a printer......


      Hey Everyone,


      I have spent literally days on this thing so I am now publicly announcing my ignorance and coming here for help. I have a new samsung laptop and and Canon Pixma mx340 printer. I am too far from my router to use the wireless printer as a regular network printer so I thought I would try to connect it using the Intel MWT. I am able to add the printer to my list of devices in the MFT menu but that's all i can do with it. I can't find the printer to use it in any program on the computer. I am also unable to ping the printer through my cmd prompt. If anyone has any insight into what I could try please let me know cause I am just lost right now.


      Thanks in advance for your time!


      Update: After an hour with Canon, this is the outcome "...your printer and computer have to be on the same network in order to communicate.The MX340 needs to connect to a router or access point in order to work on the network. Connecting the printer via your computer is considered an AD-HOC connection and Canon does not support ad-hoc connections....blah blah blah....call your manufacurer." It was my understanding that the Intel MWT is NOT and ad-hoc connection. Am I misunderstanding this softwares abilities?