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    boot from GPT raid volume with Win 7 x64;mb S5520UR with raid RS2BL080




      I tried to install win7 prof x64 on raid 10 with GPT volume( that has 3,838 Tb) using a system server SR2600UR with an intel raid controller RS2BL080. I updated all firmwares to latest version (including hot swap controller).It doesn't matter what type of  raid I used the result was the same: no video if efi boot optimized and Use legacy Video for EFI OS were enabled. If I remove all the hard disks (with raid controller RS2BL080 plugged)the video will show up.


      Intel says that efi boot optimized must be enabled and also Use legacy Video for EFI OS must be enabled. I done this and when I restarted the system there was no video!!! To have the video back I had to remove the raid controller RS2BL080 or reset the bios.


      I want one GPT bootable volume.


      Can you help me , please!?