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    Problem with Intel HD 3000 Graphics (I5 2500K, Z68, Windows 7 64) - 59 Hz, disappears (blinks for a second) the image of HDMI, DVI


      Apologize for my English, I'm from Russia. Translator Google rules! 8)





      System - Windows 64 SP1


      I5 2500K,
      8GB Kingston KVR1333D3N9K2/8G,
      HDD - WD 1TB FALS
      300W Power Supply, Desktop GMC1-S1


      System - Windows 7 64 SP1, the original.
      Version video driver
      Version BIOS - F4, Award 6.00PG
      The system BIOS Date 06/23/11
      Date 02/23/11 BIOS video


      The image disappears for a moment and when he wants to recover. We found out that this only happens when the permissions working at a refresh rate is 60 Hertz.At 1280x1024 and 1024x768 75 Hz 75 Hz - everything works perfectly.

      HDMI connection.

      With the power supply is OK, the system consumes no more than 60 watts.



      Please help to solve the problem.