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    What power supply for DP67BG


      I recently bought a DP67BG motherboard and am now trying to find a power supply. I have done a calculator and it says I need around a 550W power supply but I am shooting for around 750W.


      The problem is that I have read in this community that the DP67BG motherboard is very picky about power supplies. So I am trying to find a list of tested or suggested power supplies. I live in South Korea so I don't have access to all the possible power supplies so I need an actual list instead of just one or two suggestions made by users. And the return policy here is that once you open the product you can't return it. So I can't buy a power supply and return it if it doesn't work. So again, I need a list that I can go through to check and see if I can get the power supply here and at the price I am willing to pay.


      Yes, I have searched intel and Google for a list of power supplies for the DP67BG motherboard but have been unable to find one. The search always leads me back to here where the conversation is about one or two power supplies.


      Thanks for the help.