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    VPro Configuration




      I am new to these forums, but I have a question to start it off right.... I think


      I am interested in building a VPro machine, maybe a few and would like to know what kind of configurations I could do.  I already know I can use the 2400, 2500 and 2600 non K processors and I have chosen to use the DQ67SW board but what kind of video cards (aside from whats included) and sound card (aside from what is inlcuded) can I choose.


      Would I be able to select any NVIDIA Geforce or Quadro product or any ATI Radeon or FIreGL product and as for sound, would Creative or Asus audio work as well?


      I just want to see what kind of options I have.


      To add to the question, are there any specific BIOS settings I should worry about that need to be enabled/disabled?