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    Could be a simple question or not... wanna help?


      Hi INTELlectuals


      Well, its my first time here at the forum, specially because i know this is an official forum of Intel and was my doubt, that brought me here...


      First of all let me introduce you to my laptop...


      Acer Aspire 7741Z

      Windows 7 Home Premium 64 ( Original of course )

      Intel Pentium P6000 (1.86 GHz 3 MB L3 cache)

      3 GB DDR3 memory

      Intel HD Graphic version


      ok, lets follow with the question... doubt begins when the "ordinary" online games i used to play, comes to look visually poor, of course... I understand that the system is old and this laptop is for writing assignments (magazine job), but I occasionally play with her, and its the first time this situation with the graphics appears, since i restore windows to factory mode.

      However, I want to know if it is necessary updated Intel graphics drivers to make just more "updated" the data base of my Graphic drivers, i wont make a mistake installing the driver if is not necessary for my graphic system. Im doing what the "The Intel® Driver Update Utility" told me to do, after check my system for the latest updates using Driver Update Utility on the Intels web, that i need to contact with an assistant or in this case the forum.


      Hope my question and all my words posted here are easy to understand, to help me solving this situation.


      Thanks for your time reading this...