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    Problems with the G41 Chipset and a Sceptre Monitor


      I just got a Lenovo H410 77241AU running Windows 7 Home  Premium with a Intel G41 Express Chipset and am having problems getting the screen to display well on my  Sceptre E230BD-FHD 23" LED TV / Monitor.  The G41 does not recognize  the Scepter and is treating it as a generic non-plug-and-play monitor.  

      When I connect them HDMI-to-HDMI, it shows up in 1920x1080  resolution but the fonts are all pixelated and hard to read. I can  change the screen settings to the non-native display of 1600x900 and  that works, but still leaves everything fuzzy.

      When I connect  them VGA-to-VGA, the screen displays in 1920x1080, but is compressed  horizontally and not using the whole screen.  About 20% of the left-hand  side of the screen is black and the computer's display is squeezed into  the remaining 80% (it is not going over the edge of the screen on the  right as I can still see the clock at the bottom right of the taskbar).


      I've updated the drivers for the Intel G41, but still have these problem.  As far as I can tell, Sceptre has not put out a driver or EDID for that monitor for Windows 7.  Does anyone have any suggestions?


      Lenovo H410 PC Specs:



      SCEPTRE Monitor Specs: