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    Dual monitor with DZ68DB


      Hello all, here is my situation...

      Fresh install of Win7 on my new DZ68DB.
      I have two monitors attached.  I am trying to achieve dual independant monitor.
      I essentially want to extend my 'desktop' across both monitors.
      When posting and in BIOS, display is sent to both my DVI and HDMI monitors, all looks fine.
      When windows is loading, the graphics are sent to both monitors.
      When Windows is done loading, video is only sent to DVI monitor.
      The HDMI monitor does not appear in Device Manager, and does not show up in the Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel.
      I had both of these same monitors attached to another i5 based machine and never did have to load monitor specific drivers.
      Also, during the process of loading the Intel HD driver, etc.. video was temporarilly(for about 30 seconds) redirected to the HDMI monitor and looked great.
      After restarting the pc, per the HD driver instructions, it is back to where it was, only sending to DVI.
      That 30 seconds of video to the HDMI leads me to believe that, as I suspected, there is nothing wrong with the cable and no additional monitor specific drivers should be needed.
      I'll try just about any suggestion though.

      Thanks in advance for any ideas, thoughts, or suggestions.