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    Struggling with RAID 5 for over a week - cannot create partitions


      Last week it was Linux and I finally accepted the results with shock that Intel is proprietarily only support RedHat and SUSE both of which are too expensive and out of reach for small companies.


      This week I am attempting to go with Windows Enterprise 2008 R2 to no avail.  I am stuck at trying to create partitions.  I go into the embedded technology II manager, create two partions (one 100gb for  the OS and the other for data), intialize the disks and make the 100gb partition the boot partition.


      I then begin the installation of Windos Server and when it gets to the partitions I load the Intel drivers available at the website.  I can create only the first partition at the 100GB size.  The second partition will not format or anything.  Then when I give up on the second partition, thinking I can complete that once Windows is up and running, I then click on next to proceed with the installation.  The result, Windows cannot proceed as the partition is not functional.


      I am pulling my hair out over this.  What gives?  I used to believe that Intel's products were top-notch.  After this experience, limited support for OSs, and the extreme cost for the components, it is a major failure on Intel's part.


      OK I am done venting.  If there is any insight I am thankful.


      System configuration


      Xeon x5550

      12gb RAM

      3 2TB drives with upgraded RAID Embedded Technology II

      Intel cooling fan

      Upgrade connector for RAID5 support

      RAID activated within the system BIOS for the controller

      All firmware available on the Intel sight is installed for all components.


      Regards and thanks again!

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          I guess when you say "partition" here you actually mean "VD"?


          I suggest you create only one 100GB VD and install OS on it. Remember to load the ESRT2 driver durint OS installation. After Windows is installed, install RWC2 and run it to create the second VD. Make it a GPT in Disk Management, and you should be able to format it.

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            Edward, I completed this issue.  Ultimately I resoved it by installing the Intel RAID Console program, available in the download section, after reading the readme file from the RAID console software.  I installed the primary VD for Windows Server, started Windows, installed Intel chipset software, and then installed and configured the second VD via the RAID Console.


            My beef is interface with Embedded Technology II is too vague. You can create all the virtual drives you want, but not append it with a new drive after a reboot. I attempted to do this by selecting everything from add or configure, view, etc. Unless I am missing something there is no reason for me to spend more than 10 minutes in the interface.


            I will acknowledge it took me forever to complete this issue as I have normal work responsibilities and other obligations that extended this project well beyond the normal installation.


            The RAID documentation should have clearly stated the Intel RAID Console would be the best route to take to creating the second VD and then go into Windows disk management to format it.


            Thanks for your insight. I am discusted that Intel doesn't recognize nor comprehesively support Linux. Small business cannot afford to use RedHat nor SUSE at the prices they charge for annual subscription. I am forced to commit to other 3rd party companies for comprehensive and resourceful solutions and at this time Intel doesn't appreciate the micro-businesses out there that have 20 or less computers/personel in my opinion.