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    Problems with audio on DH67BL


      Hi all,


      I just got myself a new HTPC based on the DH67BL and a Core i5 2500s (Sandy Bridge) CPU.


      The thing is, the sound coming out of it is extremely low in its volume! The board and CPU replaced an atom based HTPC in the same case, connected to the same receiver. I formatted the C drive, installed Windows, the latest BIOS and latest drivers, and to no success.


      The sound is so low, I have to switch my Denon all the way up to hear anything from the speakers. The logon sound from Windows is normal (or if the volume on the Denon is up - it's really loud :-)), but then the sound is either gone or very low.


      I am connected only with HDMI, so I thought the Intel Display Audio driver is to blame, until I was told it is only for the movies. So I tried changing the output device to any of the realtek ones I saw in the control panel and it didn't work.


      I'd really appreciate the help here!