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    Memory mapping error, bios bug, dh67cl


      So when I run memtest86, the screen sometimes fills up with funny symbols in a blue field but yields no errors.


      Apparantly this is caused by a bug in bios or a memory mapping error?  Is there any solution to this problem except changing to a different brand of motherboard?

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          Since your display uses part of memory, sounds more like bad or the wrong memory is installed. Why else would you be running memtest?  Most XMS3 memory uses 1.65 base voltage. If you try to run it on a 1.5v board, you'll get lots of errors. So yeah, a different board might fix the problem.

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            Ok, I follow what you're saying, and I thought I saw the voltage issue being addressed on another thread.


            So I double checked the specs.  Am I reading something wrong in the specs?  http://www.corsair.com/memory/amd-memory-solutions/phenom-ii/tw3x4g1333c9.html

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              Well, that looks okay. Your link says it's 1.5v. Is that the only two modules you're using? Are you mixing different brands? What OS--32-bit or 64-bit?

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                Windows 7 xsixtyfour home premium.


                Actually, I have 6 (3 pair) of the same modules (2 of which are a replacement set), and I'm getting outright errors on 3 of them.


                One module ran clean through 7 passes by itself, and another ran clean through about 6 passes before I couldn't read the screen for the gibberish I'm running that one through again.  There were other times I saw the gibberish on the the blue field, sometimes with errors and sometimes without, in various 2 and four module tests.


                The sixth module can't be tested because the computer will not turn on with it installed, which is the reason I obtained a replacement set.


                At one point I replaced the mother board (one dh67clb3 for another), because after running windows memory diagnostics in extended mode for four hours, the computer booted up once to tell me there were no errors and then after that would not turn on. 


                So far I've only seen the cpu peg as high as about 69% on the desktop cpu gadget, but I don't know if that should concern me because it is a Sandy Bridge Core i5 2500, and really the most stress I've given it is installations, update, and mrt scan.


                I hope I'm not making a mistake by running a 750 watt diablotek power supply.


                At this point I think I'll continue testing my 2 known good sticks of ram, seperately and together in either channel, and if things don't go too badly then I'll boot Windows back up and see if the problems crashing go away.


                I assume that having 2 matching pairs is the best way to go.

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                  In "theory", you should be able to run like-speced memory modules but I like using matched pairs from the same manufacturer. There's too many variations in specs for voltage and timing among the makers. For sure, you can't mix modules with different voltages but some manufacturers will spec memory at 1.65v and 1.5 with different timings. Some can even be 1.35v.


                  I'm not familiar with your power supply but if you get the memory straightened out, I'd run some voltage monitor (like Intel Desktop Utilities) and keep an eye on the voltages while you put a little stress on the CPU. IDU has some voltage alarms you can set too. 3.3v, 5v and 12v should not vary by more than 5%. I would consider 5% variance a failure and be looking for another power supply. If the motherboard voltage regulator is suspect, you'll see the CPU and chip set voltages vary out of range.


                  If you do use IDU, run the install package using "Run as Administrator" and update the desktop icon properties to "Run as Administrator".  Otherwise, it won't save your changes to the alarms and you can't change any of temperature alarms.


                  Later, Ken

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                    Monitor voltage with the IDU.  That's a great idea.  I'll have to check it out.  Right now I'm pretty certain that I have at least one pair of ram for which I get no error reports in memtest, but the weird symbols on the bluefield are a different story.

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                      Make sure you're up to date on your video driver too.


                      Added: And the Intel ME driver.

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                        Set bios jumper to configuration mode. Boot the system to bios mode ... check to configuration menu,<< sata drives>>, <<chipset sata mode.>> Go to exit menu and load bios defaults. Check again chipset <<chipset sata mode>> and set the configuration as before only to <<sata drives>> menu. From <<exit >> menu save configuration and shutdown. Set bios jumper to normal mode... If no luck use one USB stick to save the downloaded last bios from intel. Restart the system and press F7. Follow the instructions from INTEL and update to new bios... By pressing F2 in the first boot screen you can enter to bios mode. Check again <<sata drives>> , save and restart...! Good luck ...!