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    Problem with sil3124 and D945PSN


      Any help appreciated !!!!
      I had a sd-sata2-4ir (silicon image 3124) 4 port sata card in a intel d865glc mb running xp sp2.  The card is cabled to an external addonics 5 port multiplier with 5 2tb hds as  jobd. This setup worked well.
      I had to change the mb to  a intel d945psn. The sil3124 card is recognised. I boot to an ide drive and the other sata drives show up,  but as soon as I try to read or write to the sata drives they disappear and are no longer  available. They completely disappear.
      I have disabled the sata onboard 4 port controller,  updated all drivers and bios on the card and mb, but it makes no difference.

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          Solved the problem.


          Since I had just bought 4 new of these intel boards I had to find a solution. I might add with no help from Intel. I really do not like it when support people don't know how their products work. All Intel support did was tell me about files on their website which I had already found and tried.


          While looking through the whitepapers on the MB, I noticed it mentioned PCI-E and not PCI when discussing sata. The sil3124 is a PCI card.


          I ordered a PCI-E sil3132 card and everything is now working great.


          In fact, I have found out that since the D945PSN MB has 2 PCI-E X1 slots,  2 sil3132 cards can be used. Each card has 2 external esata ports. In other words, with each esata port supplying a 5 port multiplier, a person can have 5 x 2 gb drives per port (10 tb per external port). A total of 40 terabytes of external storage with 2 tb drives.


          One of the things I like about esata is, unlike USB and firewire, each time the computer is rebooted the drives always remain as shares over a network. Plus the speed of esata is not a bottleneck even over a GB network.