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    DP55WG Fails to detect GTX 560

      Hi there
      I've recently purchased a ASUS GTX 560 to replace my old GTS 250 . Everything worked fine before I tried to replace the card . I have a DP55WG Intel motherboard . When I try to boot my PC with the New GTX 560 installed no video signal gets detected by my screen and I get a 2 beep ( Video error) signal from my motherboard . I have tried everything to get it to work on this motherboard . I have a 700 W Huntkey PSU so power isn't an issue, also running Windows 7 - 64 bit OS . I've tried removing the CMOS battery , updating the bios, updating chipset drivers, installing it in another PCIE slot , both 6-pin connectors are in place and the fan on the GPU does start turning when I try to boot , but no video signal .
      The GTX 560 is not faulty however , I installed it on a old(ancient)MSI MB with XP -32 bit OS and the card worked perfectly  . I also tried installing other GPUs on my current MB ( GTS 210 is one of them) and it worked fine . Its only the GTX 560 that does not seem to work on my DP55WG MB.
      (Also , I have a i5 750 CPU)
      I have no clue what to do anymore , I could not find any solution on the internet after days of searching so any advice or possible solutions will be much appreciated
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          I have the same problem with Asus ENGTX560 TI with P8H67-V and P6T Deluxe series. The same VGA card works fine on Supermicro X7DAL. I also updated the GTX560 Bios with the more recent version available. Same problem.

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            I've now tried switching PSUs and starting the system up outside the case ( Removed the MB and all components) , still no luck, it would seem that some MBs just cant communicate with some video cards for no apparent reason , but since there was no way of checking if it would work prior to my purchase im now stuck with a card I cant use, will probably have to upgrade MB + CPU or sell it :/