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    Help with my i5 2500k




      Wonder if anyone can help me


      I built my system about 5 weeks ago, corsaiir 800d, intel i5 2500k 3.3ghz, asus p8p67pro, 6gb corsair xms, asus gtx580, bequiet dark rock advance cooler,

      A few days ago the system just lost power and won't startup, i've tested most of the components in a friends pc to check they work,  i think i've narrowed it down to the motherboard or cpu.


      when i took cpu out i noticed some of the contacts on the underside were quite heavily marked,  in the picture below, bottom left,  i was wondering what peoples opinions on this are.



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          In order to determine if the issue is the processor of the motherboard, I would suggest testing the processor on a friend’s motherboard, or testing another processor on your system.

          Make sure that the testing motherboard / processor as fully compatible.

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            I also have an issue with my i5-2500k, it runs at stock settings and I did a realtemp and Prime95 test to see what the temps would be (to check if the TIM and cpu cooler were applied correctly). And I keep getting that the worker in core 3 creates an error. Temps don't go above 54 celcius on 100% load. Should I be concerned?