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    System does not boot on first time.




      I recentry bought intel DH67BL boar and i5 processor and loaded with Windows7 OS.


      My system does not boot on first time, but when we press the RESTART button the system boots.


      This is how my system boots for a week.


      Note:- On the time of boot the BOOT menu (F2 & F10) is not displayed.


      Can some one help me on this?




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          Please ensure power switch wires are connected to pin "6"and "8" of front panelheader. In your case it looks like the reset switch wire are connected to pin "6" and "8", reset switch should be connected to pin "5" and "7". Refer link below, Quick start guide, diagram 6 for details.





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            Sorry, I cannot help just describe a similar behavior in more detail: DP43TF and WDC20EARS in AHCI mode not detected when cold starting undelayed. If I press pause immediately when booting starts and F2  1sec afterwards, I can see the HDD in the BIOS and the system boots fine. It also boots fine when warmstarting (rebooting), but not -as I said- when cold starting without pausing. I think this depends on the "Serial ATA AHCI Driver ver 1.10.05" which is embedded in my BIOS.


            Intel support said, they did test my mobo with 1TB HDD only and my case is escalated.


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              I already built 3 systems using DH67GD (same as DH67BL +display port & firewire), same bios.

              Before all, remove any USB devices or PCI adapters you may have plugged, except a standard keyboard and mouse (wired) and run using on board graphics.

              This is not all mandatory but will reduce chances to get a specific problem.

              To be able to go to the bios settings if F2 is not available at splash screen display, you can change the configuration jumper on  board from the "normal" position, to the "configuration" position.

              This will enforce the bios to enter in the setup menu.

              There, the best is probably to select first the "load optimal default setup" and then make few changes as:

              - disable intrusion detect,

              - set the correct time and date if not yet good,

              - select your boot order, probably starting with optical drive to install,

              - select to allow also F7 in the boot options to be able to use F7 bios upgrade.

              If your board is in good condition this should be enough for the moment (if no raid).

              Then save and exit.

              You will be asked to shutdown and put the jumper back to "normal" position.

              Remove the power cord, to do a true complete cold start.


              Before installing the system it is a very good idea to upgrade the bios firmware to the present revision (122 today).

              I did the same recently to upgrade from 076 to 122 rev. using the following:

              Write the BL0122P.BIO file from Intel site on a fat formated  USB stick root.

              Put the USB stick into a rear panel USB2 port and restart.

              At the splash screen, press F7.

              Follow the display to select the stick, then the file, then accept to flash.

              After completion, the system will restart, let it restart, even two times if needed, and you will be ready to install.


              If you have the choice, prefer to select sata port #3 to plug your optical drive, or another internal present drive. This is related to hotswap, too long to explain.


              Of course you can also check if cables are well routed from the front panel to the card as said by previous people.

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                With the DP43TF the "optimal defaults" contain setting "IDE" and not "AHCI" ...

                SATA #03 ... start counting with 0 or with 1?

                The problem is exactly the COLD start, installing OS is simple when the boot drive is detected.


                Be aware!


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                  Maybe on the DP43TF it is IDE, but here I am speaking about DH67BL of the first post, and I know that defaults settings are AHCI.

                  However one may allways check.

                  The port #3 I talk about is only for DH67BL, and the count starts from #0 (ports 0 to 5).

                  Fortunatly with DH67BL, the sata ports numbering is the same in the documents, the board silk screen, the bios, the windows device manager, disk properties, and Intel RST. This is not so often the same !

                  My previous answer was oriented to get access to the bios menu, and to upgrade the bios if not yet done, because said "recently".

                  In this bios menu there is also somewhere an optional delay to let the disk start if needed.

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                    My remark about IDE was just the point to be aware.

                    The consistency in numberung of ports you refer to is truely remarkable.

                    The optional delay (30 sec!) seems to have no effect at all (not even on boot time till POST end!) in AHCI mode (according to my stopwatch).


                    I am quite convinced that this cold/warmstart issue is with greatest probability based on the "Serial ATA AHCI driver" (so it is called in my BIOS) which is embedded in the BIOS and fails to fully detect the specific drives after (undelayed) cold boot, with lesser probability on a faulty drive firmware and only with a very small  probability the chipset hardware (ICH10 in my case) and with once more smaller probability the cables can be blamed. The serial(!) circuits are not dedidated to detection and work fine afterwards.


                    Do not overlook, the HDD, undetected by BIOS, may be accessed by OS without any problems if it was installed once after warm booting, but just not as a booting device!


                    So it is BIOS!


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                        The last posting <edit>meanwhile deleted</edit> leaves me inconclusive.



                        As for my issue, it is handled by intel support by now. Some details and pics included


                        - Pic-1 shows the first sight of the problem (the report of the SATA peripherals) when COLD(!) starting with only the WD HDD connected on Port-00: in the 3. text line it says "01 devices", than "no device detected" for all the 6 ports, and finally "no device found", although the WD HDD is installed on Port-00.

                        - Pic-2 shows shows the report of the SATA peripherals when COLD  starting with the WD HDD connected on Port-00 AND a Samsung HD103UJ  installed on Port-01: in the 3. text line it says now "02 devices", than  reports the Samsung for Port-01 and "no device detected" for ports 00,  and 02 to 05, and finally "AHCI BIOS installed".



                        - Pic-3 shows the drive page of the BIOS corresponding to Pic-2 (I   missed a picture without the Samsung, corresponding to Pic-1, please   imagine a [Not Installed] instead of the Samsung text). Please note the   empty line next to SATA Port 0! It looks the same when the Samsung is   not present.




                        - Pic-4 shows the drive list after WARM(!) start (besides the WD HDD, a Samsung HDD and a BluRay player are installed). That is the way it should look after COLD(!) start too. I did not include a pic where the WD HDD is shown as detected by the report of the SATA peripherals, please, believe me, it does show up.




                        I'll post back if there is something new.


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                            Intel says:


                            The information you provided regarding this issue indicates that the WDC20EARS-00J2GB0 and the DP43TF board are incompatible.

                            We do not provide a compatibility list for any harddrives that have been tested. Indications are that the HDD takes too much time to initialize then the board is expecting, this ist most likely due to the size of the drive.

                            Since the board is not showing any issues with the smaller Samsung drive, there are not technical failures affecting the board.


                            As this board is a couple of years old now and will soon be discontinued, it is unlikely that new firmware or hardware changes will be provided for this board.


                            Unfortunatly we have not means to solve the issue. We recommend to use another Harddrive or to replace the board for a newer model, more suitable to detect newer and larger harddrives.


                            Nice move, Intel! :]