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    i have an trouble of dx58so2 memory setting



      recently i change 12gb memory (samsung pc10600 4G*3) to 24gb (G.skill ripjaws pc12800 4g*6)




      i want to use high performance memory and more big size momory.


      but i can't use xmp profile of ripjaws memory


      momory is normal / i have a test this memory on dx58so board / and working correctly


      but xmp profile can't be loaded on dx58so"2"


      i have a test some mrmories (pc12800, xmp profile support).


      this board can't load xmp profile at test memories


      and i can't boot with manual setting 1600 and 1333.


      i think that dx58so2 have a defect on memory.


      tested bios 779 lastest / i7 950 / dx58so2 / geforce 590 / etc...


      and my second system (i7 920 / dx58so / geforce 580 / etc...)




      i want to find the way of correct memory setting.