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    RT3WB080: Question about write optioins


      My raid controller has 3 write options. Write through, always write back, and write back with BBU.  My question is with the BBU write option.  (All 8 drives and the card operate in a raid 5 configuratioin)  A few weeks after getting the card I got the batttery backup.  I'm not sure what it had to do withhe wriet options excelt making sure whatever data in teh cache is written to the disk if there is a power loss.


      Which option is best? What exactly is that BBU option.  Do I neeed to select write with BBU to get the benifits of having the battery?  Is there any reason increase by having it selected?


      Also, I have th4e latest firmware for teh card. (The one released on June 20)  If I installthe latest firware will this wipe my current vurtual drive settings? Or, delete any data that is  on the drives?  Is it just as simple as selecting the option on on the settings page  and point it to the new firmware?                                                                              





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          The BBU will hold the data in cache for a period of time (up to 72 hours). If power is resumed within that period data will be writted back to the disk. For RAID 5 configuration the recommanded Write Cache Policy is Write Back with BBU. The RAID controller will use Write Back policy when BBU is present to improve write performance, and switch automatically to Write Through to protect data when BBU is bad or missing, or in a re-charge cycle.


          Upgrading RAID controller firmware will not erase your data or RAID configuration. However, doing a full backup before upgrading is always recommended.