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    DH67CF and S/Pdif out


      Hi, I'm a new entry. This is my problem:

      I've changed my HTPC (DG45FC - E6320 - 4GB- ST3160215AS-OPTIARC DVD/RW) with a new (DH67CF - I3-2120 - 6GB - WD5000AAKX-OPTIARC DVD/RW).

      With OLD HTPC, connect to KENWOOD amplify with a digital output (S/Pdif), I listen very well (dolby digital, DTS and so). With a new HTPC I don't listen anymore.

      I see in display (connect to HDMI) the equalizer start, but nothing. I' ve tryed to change driver, disable HDMI audio, connect to DVI. Nothing.

      Anyone can help me?


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          When I use the onboard spdif => coax I have to set digital out optical as default, NOT "normal" digital out in Windows 7 X64

          If I choose "normal" no sound is heard.

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            I set preferred in Digital Output Optical. I tried to change to analog, digital, disable HDMI audio. If I connect the S/Pdif cable the realtek panel don't recognize.

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              There seems to be a bug here somewhere.  Not sure if it is Intel or Realtek's fault, but you have to select the audio device for coaxial digital instead of optical... even if you are trying to connect to optical.  These may be switched or maybe something else funky.  But yeah, choose the first digital output if you're connecting optical even though the settings window clearly shows optical as the second (and usually last) one.


              I lost 4 hours of my life tracking this down.  Really annoying.

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                Actually, now it completely stopped working again.  No matter which output is selected as default.  Not sure what is going on.  I've got a ticket into Intel.  I have two systems nearly identical (both DH67CF/G620T) demonstrating this problem.

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                  Now working again.  May have been a cabling issue for me.  After connecting it to a different AVR, having it work, then re-connecting it to the AVR in my garage (where it wasn't working), it just worked.  Strange stuff.


                  But, yes, you still have to select Realtek Digital Output, not Realtek Digital Output(Optical).


                  Interesting because I have two systems DH67CF/Pentium G620T that demonstrate this bug.

                  And I have another setup DH67BL/Core i3-2100T that doesn't have this issue.

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                    Hi, Dean

                    I solved (perhaps). Disable Audio HDMI from bios, install a new driver WITH analog speakers installed. Reboot. Turn off pc for half hour. Now the system recognized correct imput (optical) and function very well.

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                      Hmmm... Interesting I may try that when I have some spare time.  But I'm reluctant to change anything now that I have it working.  I will also pass this thread onto Intel, as I have submitted a trouble ticket on this issue.


                      // Dean

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                        Just an update here.  Never did figure this out... my Optical output is still assocated with the Coax item in the sound control panel.


                        Oh well, I'll be transitioning to HDMI soon, so it won't be noticed.


                        And... Given the 0131 BIOS making bricks out of my two DH67CF boards, I received replacements.  The replacements have the same issue.  Why Intel can't reproduce this issue is beyond me.  My guess is they just don't care and didn't really try that hard.

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                          Dr Andrew Lewis

                          Add me to the list of users with this same problem.


                          I am running BIOS BLH6710H.86A.0146.2011.1222.1415 which is the first BIOS that supports the Ivy Bridge CPUs. The OS is Windows 7 64 bit and it is fully patched up to date. I too have to select the 'coax' output in the Realtek panel in order to get sound output via the optical TOSLINK connector on the rear panel. I have nothing connected to the internal SPDIF header. The AV setup worked fine with a previous HTPC build so I know it's not the cables.


                          I can live with a 'swapped' logic on the connectors, but what it a nasty bug is that the sound output occasionally dies completely. Usually happens when I stop playing one audio source and change to another (e.g. changing recordings being played in Media Centre). I get silence with occasional popping sounds via the TOSLINK connection to the AV amp. If I mess around in the Realtek control panel, it eventually works again.