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    Noob ?  Intel Intel Rapid Storage Technology basic setup


      I am looking for very basic infomation of the capabilities of the Intel Onboard Rapid Storage; specifically, how many drives my board supports on RAID 5 and it's relative performance vs a dedicated RAID card. I've been looking through the documentation on Intel's site and forum and I can't decipher a direct answer to my questions below.


      I recently purchased an Intel Desktop Board DH67BLB3 which is not compatible with my existing PCI RAID card. I would, therefore, like to use it in the following confiruation


      RAID 5 (Hardware driven)

      4 x 2TB SATA II drives  5400 RPM (not green) assorted brands and lots

      Using for basic file storage but will need to stream up to 2 HD content files at the same time


      Independance System Disk

      1 x 300 GB SATA II Raptor

      Running Windows 7 (would prefer Hackintosh if I could swing it)



      Is this possible with the onboard hardware RAID features?

      Is there any problem mixing the 6 GB/S and 3 GB/S slots to make 1 RAID set?

      How does the error handling and RAID set repair functions compare with a traditional independant RAID card?



      I have to admit, after using an Areca card for the past 4 years and having excellent service whenever I had a problem, I'm also a bit concerned with Intel's **** poor technical support.


      What are your thoughts?

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          Just looking at the specs of the board.


          I believe that the board in question has 2 different SATA Raid controllers:


          One 4 port 3gbps Sata II (1 port is esata) that does raid 1/0/5/10




          One 2 port 6gbps Sata controller that does 1/0.


          Now on the board itself 5 ports are available (1 eSata port).


          I doubt that you can do raid 5 between the two different controllers, but perhaps you can do raid 5 with those 4 drives by switching the eSata to regular sata since it is on that 3gbps controller.


          Can anyone else clarify?