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    DTS connect


      Hi is it possible to get DTS connect on the ALC889? According to the realtek site it does support it, but I can find none for my motherboard. Is this because it is motherbaord dependant?


      My specs:


      Intel i7 920

      Intel DX58so

      4GB kinston ram

      Gainward GTX570 GS GLH

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          Enter the Windows Audio control panel to see the option to enable DTS.  In my case with IDT audio the test signal was not detected through my receiver.  Another feature shown on the front of the receiver but not mentioned in the manual that does not work.  If I'm missing something I would like to know.

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            I take it the windows audio control panel in my case is the realtek HD audio manager?


            But there is no DTS panel or something there.

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              Windows control panel > hardware and sound > manage audio devices > select the output device > properties > check DTS Audio and test it.  This is not the Realtek panel which would be accessed through an icon or through programs.

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                That works fine, but thats for my optical outs. I want the DTS connect that works through your stereo jack(3.5mm one). The one that converts surround sound to stereo that is played back through a headset.

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                  DTS enabled headphone would be required but I'm not sure how you could set it for the PC systems I've seen.  I have ALC860 on my XP system and it only has EAX listed.  The windows audio has headphone effects of bass, loudness and virtualization for headphones and limited sound field types.  Much of the effects for multichannel would be lost with headphones with downmixing.  The separation is very unnatural and must be treated differently except for sources such as Blue Man Group which has more distinct channels.  While the sound can be very satisfying the speaker size limits noticeable effects to higher frequencies.  I suspect a sound card would be required to output DTS for headphones.

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                    My frind with his LGA 1155 socket asus mobo has dts with his onboard. After that I looked up that my onboard sound chip does support it :?

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                      I assumed if the Windows test would output DTS or WMA signals that the board was capable.  Some software is available for certain formats that could be needed for some.  I tried resetting my receiver to automatic detection but it did not help.  The receiver manual does briefly mention DTS, with no explicit mention of stereo.

                      A brief online search found headphones with optical or miniplug inputs.  The optical cable I have is long and flexible enough for that use but I wouldn't risk the damage (I tend to forget I'm connected after a short time).  A box is provided with some for the selection process.  Since sources can be in multiple formats, some means must be available to select.  The LGA 1155 may have a way that could be found searching for audio under one of those motherboards.

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                        I still think we missing each other. DTS connect does all the wizardy to have surround sound on stereo headsets.


                        DTS connect


                        Look under the DTS connect part.

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                          Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_Theater_System#DTS_Connect mentions motherboards that support DTS.  The ALC889 is included.  This is for the encoding to 5.1 Interactive or 7.1 Neo:PC.  I think mine have a test signal encoded but no other support.  A decoder must still be present in the receiver for channel distribution.  Headphones lack a subwoofer middle channel and none probably have more than two speakers so the mixing must be different.  The downmixing to stereo can still provide some of the effects with a different decoder and probably is still very clear sound but limited bandwidth.  This would be DTS Surround Sensation.  If the source is already encoded in DTS there still must be a decoder even where noise reduction is the primary purpose.  You can easily find headphone sites that should describe what you want but the wikipedia link from 2007 doesn't work.

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                            See http://www.kellyindustries.com/sounds.html for a discussion of formats for PC use and test files.

                            My receiver manual indicates some sources can be encoded in DTS 2-channel.  Headphones with multiple speakers are available for DTS or Dolby with or without a box for selection.  If your Realtek panel does not provide for channel setup of the optical  then you would need to use the miniplugs for multichannel.

                            There are several audio downloads that may differ for your board.