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    S1200BTL Boot problems.



      I just installed a new S1200BTL and have boot problems as follows:


      Intel S1200BTL MM:911776 VERSION:G21110-306
      SN: QSBT11603926
      PBA: E98681-306
      Processor Intel XEON E3
      E3-1230, 3.2 GHz 8MB LGA1155 80W
      S/N 35045451A2564
      Kingston:KVR1333D3E9SK2/8GI  X2
      System starts booting with beeps:
      (5 long beeps)-(2 short beeps)-(3 short beeps)
      until screen shows Intel Logo
      Back Panel led's (fixed green)
      LSB -> X000 XXXX
        ! (led on fixed Green)
      After 3 seconds system reboots in a loop with same indications on every boot cycle.
      F2 Has no effect.
      Cannot enter setup.
      if allowed to continue time interval between reboots increases.
      Thanks for your help.
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          After posting above post and making further investigations I think it is a Processor microcode problem (as indicated by the LED pattern)

          I read the release notes of the latest BIOS releases and in fact see new microcode update releases for the CPU I am using (Xeon E3-1200 series)


          As the system is only booting up to the intel logo screen, I cannot update Bios from the SETUP screens.

          There seems to be conflicting info as to how to recover the BIOS from a USB key.

          The manual says a file FVMAIN.FV  needs to be present in the root directory of the boot device and other documentation refers to a file named BML.rom.

          Could someone please tell me what the correct procedure would be. to upgrade this BIOS ?

          Furthermore as the problem seems to be with the processor microcode, if this is the problem can the update succeed using this same processor in the board ??


          Thanks / Regards


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            For people having this same problem.  On that splash screen at the beginning, hitting 'y' will get you out of it.  Then you can hit <F2> for Setup, <F6> for Boot Menu, and <F8> for Network Boot.

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                I'm more or less having the same issue.


                1. Turn on power switch on psu, motherboard turns on, then powers off after about 15secs (the initial diag.)

                2. Press power switch on pc to turn on pc, then motherboard turns on, no triple amber flashes, nothing, I do not get video on monitor.




                1. e3-1230 w/ video card w/ kingston 1600mhz, mushkin 1600mhz, kingston 1333mhz, 2 different psu
                2. e3-1275 no video card, same ram as above.


                Something I notice maybe worth mentioning is that with one of the psu, i get the amber flashes, while the other psu non at all.


                Ideas? Thanks.

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                  YMMV, but this worked for me:

                  Intel just released new firmware that it seems lets you see the error dialog:

                  Download Center

                  Release date was 10/15/2013

                  Release notes don't seem to indicate any changes, but after flashing this firmware after you press Y you get an additional option of "Press ESC to see diagnostic messages" both my co-worker and I don't recall seeing that option previously. If you press ESC it says something like this: "Slot 1 cannot be populated when Slot 0 remains empty" Basically the other tech had put the memory in the black pair of DIMM slots, I moved them to the blue pair and viola it boots without warning message.


                  With my remaining time I'd like to rant about the annoying password policy on this site, that in it's current state ensures I will never be able to login without doing a password reset every time. I login here maybe once a year, please Intel just get an OAuth setup even, anything is better than 8-15 characters, a number, a letter, a symbol, no previous passwords. So instead I set a password I won't remember, thanks Intel.