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    Recommended Linux Distro W/Embedded Raid II Technology


      I have an Intel S5520CH server motherboard with 12GB RAM, x5550 Xeon processor, three 2TB drives RAID5 w/embedded II RAID Technology.  I've created a raid5 disk via the embedded raid manager when the system boots.  When I attempted to install Ubuntu 10.x it detected the RAID partition, but was unable to install the OS as it reported it was in read-only mode.


      The Intel Deployment CD comes only auto installs RedHat or SUSE distros with official Intel drivers.  I am a small shop with limited resources as most small business' are today.  The price tag for annual subscriptions is beyond my budget.  I am attempting to install a server platform for KVM virtualization, but under the circumstances am stuck in limbo.


      Any suggestions on a Linux distro and how to configure the embedded raid 5 is appreciated.  I've used the Debian base for the most part, but am comfortable with pretty much any flavor of Linux or FreeBSD for that matter.