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    SROMBSASMR I/O Speed Issue


      We have been using the SROMBSASMR RAID card for a couple of years, along with Seagate Barracuda 3GB/s SAS drives.


      We have now swapped the drives to the new Seagate Constellation 6GB/s SAS drives, and the sustained write speed has diminished substantially.


      Is there any specific reason, that anyone is aware of, as to why this would happen. I would have expected the drives to at least equal the speed of the Barracuda drives, but in some cases, where the Barracuda drives start at around 315MB/s (RAID 1 across three drives), the Constellation drives are starting at around 195MB/s.


      I have spoken with a Seagate FAE, who cannot shed any light on this, so i'm hoping that someone hear may have an idea.