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    DP55KG No Longer Displaying Video Through GTS450



      I'm using a DP55KG board with an i5 750 and a GTS 450 with 4 GB of ram. In my n00bishness, i played around with the bios setting.
      The board initially gave me a 0F, and than a 00. The computer seems to be booting normally, but I'm fairly certain it's not booting into the OS (no ability to show the caplock or numbers lock no mater how long I wait.) I tried simply holding F2, then F9, then F10 to reset the bios to factory defaults, to no avail. I attempted to do the same with the force bios button glowing red, also to no success. I attempted to emergency recover the bios with a flash drive and  removing the jumper, and yet that seemed to fail. I attempted a number of different combinations of ram and pcie, with no clear changes.  Are there any other things I should try before considering that I may I have SNAFU'ed?
      I had been running the mobo for months just fine until I decided to change the setting, and now I cannot seem to undo the changes.
      I believe I may have changed the ram voltage to above what intel recommened, I turned turbo boost on, urned on ACHI mode. and turned on the led's for the skull. I know my bios setting must still be in place becausethe skull's led's still light up, but as of now, the board postcode displays 00, and I get no vidoe feed (but the fans on the card and all fans seem to run). Suggestions?