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    Will either of these fans/heatsinks work with a Core 2 Duo E7200?


      I happened to pick up an old LGA 775 Core 2 Duo e7200 for a good price and I'm going to use it for a home file server, but it didn't come with a fan. I do have two other fan/heatsinks laying about and I'm wondering if if either will work or if I have to buy a new fan/heatsink.  I have a fan/heatsink that came with a Celeron 430L (P/N: E97377-001) and a fan/heatsink that came with my Core i7 860 (P/N: E41759-002).  Does anyone know if either of these fans will:


      1. Be able to cool the e7200, assuming no overclocking.
      2. Fit on my LGA 775 slot motherboard (ASRock P43DE3)