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    Centrino Advanced-N 6xxx ME/AMT Support


      I have systems based on the GS45 Express Chipset w/ P9300 that currently use the WiFi Link 5100 wireless adapter which works flawlessly with the MEBx v4.0.4.007 currently supported in the BIOS.


      The problem is that the WiFi Link 5100 is coming up on its EOL and I need to use a different wireless adapter. I have tried using the Centrino Advanced-N 6205 but the AMT Web UI reads its IP status as "Unknown" as opposed to "" and I am unable to push the SSID profile.


      Are the Centrino Advanced-N 6xxx wireless adapters meant to be backward compatible with older versions of AMT such as v4?

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          No, the Centrino Advanced-N 6205 is not backward compatible with Intel AMT 4.0.  The Intel ME needs to have the microcode for each supported wireless NIC in the firmware. The number of wireless NICs currently supported with each generation, Intel AMT 4.0, for example, is limited to what was available when the product generation was introduced. I don't know if this will change in the future, but for Intel AMT 4.0 you can't use the 6205 wireless NIC with Intel AMT 4.0.


          Here are the approved wireless adapters:

          • Intel® WiFi Link 1000
            • Intel® WiFi Link 5100*
              • Intel® WiFi Link 5300
                • Intel® WiMax/WiFi Link 5150
                  • Intel® WiMax/WiFi Link 5350

                    *Includes Intel WiFi Link 5100 ABG for Centrino

                    technology branding.