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    HDMI no video signal



      I got a new intel motherboard with integrated video card and with 2 video ports, a DVI and a HDMI.

      I installed the system, conected the TV to the HDMI port and duplicated my monitor.

      It all worked fine untill few days ago when my monitor was turned off and I pressed ALT+F4 to close an application, i might have pressed something else by mistake.

      After that my TV says no video signal but my PC detects the TV.

      I've noticed a hot key menu in the Intel Graphics and Media Center and tryed alot of them to see if my TV would receve signal but it didn't work.

      Please someone help, i don't know what to do.

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          Hi Costin:

               In the taskbar locate the Intel Graphics icon and double-click on it.  In the resulting window, left-click on properties.  The Intel Graphics control panel should appear on your screen. (It takes a little time to appear)   If you want to run more than one screen at a time, click on Multiple Displays in the panel at the left.  Then in  Multiple Displays click the down arrow in Operating Mode an select either "Clone Display" or "Extended Desktop" to use 2 screens.  If you only want to use a single display at a time,  select that option.  If you choose "Single Display" check to make sure that Primary Display lists your display correctly.  If it does,  press OK at the bottom of the panel.  If you still don't have a picture on your display re-open the the Intel Graphics,  click properties,  then Options and Support on the left panel.  First take notice of the different Hot Keys available and you will notice that the various uses of the hot keys include keys to change the display output locations.  When your Intel Graphics drivers were installed the hot keys listed were enabled and you may have just inadvertantly changed your display location by pressing the wrong hot key.  You can try using the hot key for "Enable Digital Display" then OK.  If that doesn't work go back to the same location in Intel Graphics and try clicking on "Restore Defaults",  then OK.  Good luck.

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            Thanks for the help, i managed to fix it and disabled the hot keys so it won't happed again.