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    Could the 1.3.0 cable connection still work for 1.4.0




      I have a question about upgrading our sccKit from 1.3.0 to 1.4.0.

      I am wondering could the cable connection for 1.3.0 (i.e. one PCIe cable from MCPC and one ethernet cable from MCPC to BMC)

      still works for 1.4.0 setup instead of using a gigabit switch to connect MCPC, SCC and BMC all together?

      We follow all the steps in the HowToInstall1.4.0.pdf, except the rewire the connections.

      The Linux image could be loaded onto cores through sccGui but we can not ping or ssh to the cores.

      Any advices will be apprecited. Thank you very much!





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          With 1.4.0, you need three ethernet connections from the MCPC. One is eth0 which is to the outside world. Then one to the BMC and another to the eMAC port. If your MCPC does not have three NIC cards, then you do not need the switch. Our MCPCs only have two NIC cards, and so we make a virtual connection (eth1:1) to the eMAC port and use a switch as shown in FIgure 1 of the installation instructions.


          You can install 1.4.0 without enabling eMAC. We typically don't do this. The eMAC feature is the major new  feature with 1.4.0 and is why most people want 1.4.0. But if you do install 1.4.0 without eMAC you should not update the following files (leave them the same as for 1.3.0)













          Then, do not create the file /etc/bind/x.168.192.zone


          The file /opt/sccKit/systemSetting.ini only has the following (note the missing eMAC specifications)


          CRBServer= ç this is our BMC IP




          We tried out this configuration on one of our Data Center systems and it works fine. If this is what you want to do and you are having difficulty, I can make you a temporary account on that DC ssytem and you can look at the configuration.

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            I should add that using the switch is an easy tested configuration. A  good 5-port switch is under $30 USD.