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    Problem with combining -l and -g options with sccBoot




      I'm trying to boot a POPSHM-patched Linux on SCC.


      Looking at page 15 of the SCC Programmer's Guide, I expected to do something like:


      sccBoot -l 0..7 -g <path to the Linux image>


      So I tried:


      sccBoot -l 0..7 -g ~/marcrepository/trunk/CustomSCCLinux/linux_dcm_02_23_11.obj


      (I have checked out the MARC repository to ~/marcrepository/trunk.)


      However, I get this error:


      ERROR: Please don't mix -l, -s and -g options... Aborting!


      Can anyone advise on this?  Have I misunderstood, or is the information in the Programmer's Guide wrong?