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    D525mw Atom motherboard does not work with Promise TX2300


      I'm trying to get the Promise TX2300 2 port sata card to work with this motherboard.

      My goal is to have 4 hard drives connected to this motherboard using the 2 on the mb

      and the 2 on the Promise card.

      Initially I could not get the computer to post with the TX2300 card attached.

      Now it boots, but is unresponsive to the TX2300's prompts and windows 7 will not boot

      from a drive connected to the MB while the TX2300 is plugged in.


      Is the Promise TX2300 compatible? Are there other brands that are compatible? I don't need

      the raid feature, just 2 internal SATA ports.

      Is there possibly a document that lists pci cards that will work with this motherboard?