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    Dual-band WiFi Upgrade for ThinkPad Edge E420


      I recently purchased a pre-configured ThinkPad Edge E420 Core i3 -- equipped with Lenovo's most-basic WiFi card. Now, I need to add dual 2.4 / 5.0 GHz capability to this new E420.


      Will the retail version of Intel Centrino-N 6250 (part # 622ANXHMW) be recognized by the ThinkPad BIOS & supported natively thru Lenovo driver updates, same as the Lenovo version of this part -- FRU 60Y3195? (My reason for asking? The Lenovo "FRU" part is ~ 6x more expensive than the widely-available Centrino-N 6250 retail version -- Gasp!)


      Also, I don't intend to use the 6250 WiMAX (802.16e) feature, so I don't want the card wasting my bandwidth & my patience, by discovering & reporting on available WiMAX access points... Will that feature stay dormant & out of the way, unless or until I elect to use it in the future?


      I hope that I'm being needlessly cautious, but I was spooked by seeing numerous references stating that the similar Intel Centrino-N 6200/6205 are NOT compatible with Lenovo ThinkPads...


      My sincere TIA to all who choose to respond!



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          Note that Intel Wireless cards are meant to be installed by Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)  technicians on certified systems only, no retail versions of the Intel Wireless Adapters are offered to the public.


          Only Computer manufacturers such as Toshiba*, Dell*, Acer*, Lenovo*, etc, have the proper ways to integrate these adapters, since the systems must pass a number of certifications and regulatory approvals and can choose which hardware can be used in accordance to the certifications obtained for a particular computer model.


          Also some manufacturers might block at BIOS level the usage of unauthorized hardware, so it is true that the adapter might not be compatible.


          Try checking with Lenovo* to see if they have a different card for the E420 system, maybe some other model that they offer might suit your needs.


          For additional information please check the following links:


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