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    sata 200g hdd motherboard problem


      Hi all,

      im a newbie and know a little about pc's.


      right ive just brought a sata maxtor 200 gb hdd. i have a intel d845grg motherboard. (have ide cable but have got an adapter ide to sata)


      im trying to install xp sp1 on it but the hdd does not show up.


      Q1 will my hdd run with motherboard?


      Q2 Do i have to upgrade  motherboards bios?


      Q3 do i have to get sata drivers for the hdd to get the motherboard to recognise it?


      Hope someone can help






      p.s    When trying to boot froma 150 gb (non sata) hdd with xp on, it flashes a blue screen then trys again (blue screen flashes to fast for me to see the error code)??

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          Your hdd will run at the speed the manufacturer set. Any try to make it run faster may damage all your data and produce random errors. Use the ide cable and make it run safe. About bios and firmware updates, I recommend you to check the latest always due that the newer updates, of course, are made to solve errors in the devices. If the motherboard doesnt have ide input, then change your hard drive. As far as I know, using a adapter for the ENERGY from ide to sata is safe, but I doubt an adapter from ide to sata data cable would work properly.