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    DX58SO Board will no longer power on.


      I have scoured the internet looking for answers and have tried everything out there. PC was working fine, shut it down to work on another computer. When i was done and hooked it back up I got nothing. No power. The only thing that works is the Green LED flickers dimly, when i shut it off is does a bright flicker at the end. 


      I have juiced up the PSU with a paperclip and everything boots. I have tried other suggestions such as holding power button and plugging in then letting go, reset cmos battery, reset jumpers, unplug everything, take out RAM... Im at a loss here. The closest thing i can find is this motherboard having issues getting stuck into a sleep mode and not getting out (the green LED that flash's). Any help would be great. This computer has been working great for a while now, first time with this issue, it lierally does not do anything other than flicker a little green LED.