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    Intel Desktop Board DP67BG


      Hi, I have problems with my new desktop board,  all parts are correct connected,

      at the beginning of the boot, first all is correct, and after a few seconds, the motherboard begins to "beep", three times slow "beep" - "beep" - "beep".

      On the display is number 27 showed.  I read , that it could be a memory / chipset error.

      I use a 2gb ddr3 1333mhz memory,


      Intel Core I7-2600 LGA1155 Desktop Prozessor boxed 8MB L2-Cache 3400MHz

      750 W power supply


      and ati  hd5770 .


      All the parts were so expensive, i need please help.

      If possible answer in simple englisch or in german.


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          Enter in the bios and see the configurations...

          If u cant enter in bios, its maybe the memory ddr3, i think.


          good look

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            Please check Intel's memory compatibility.  Intel motherboard are so selective when it comes to memory.  Make sure your memory is the right voltage and CL number (ie: 5-5-5 or 6-6-6) and check how many chips (those little black blocks on the memory sticks) are allowed on the memory.  But from your description, it definitely sound like it's your memory.


            I just purchase my Intel board and using memory from my old motherboard and while it booted, it ran really slow.  After a little more researching on this newly purchase Intel motherboard, I found out that it would only accept memory with 8 chips on the memory.  2 of my Kingston DDR 667 memory was double sided with 16 chips (8 on each side), luckly I had 2 more Kingston DDR 667 memory that was single sided and 8 chips on them.  Once I removed the memory with the double sided 16 chips, my computer is now running like a champ.


            I hope this helps.  Good luck.

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              Hi, I changed the memory, because we tested it in another mainboard, and we saw, that the memroy is damaged, so I ordered 2 new memorys, now the mainboard is running (-;

              But one probleme is still existing,  2 of the 4 memory sockels of the mainboard do still not perform.

              Ok, that is still not really problematic, but the mainboard is brand new, and can not accept, that 2 memory sockels are damaged of a new mainboard.

              What can I do, or what could be the probleme?

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                If the board is new, maybe you can check with Intel to see if they will replace the board or maybe you can return it to the place where you brought it.  Below is the link to check regarding Intel warranty:




                Most likely you may have to return the motherboard to the place of purchase.  If you explain the situation to them, most stores will exchange your defective motherboard for the same model.

                Good luck!!!