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    Help--No boot, no video after DH55HC Bios update


      Board: DH55HC

      processor i5 750 (no video in processor)


      Machine worked for 15 months running Linux, using Video Card MSI VN220GT in PCIe slot.


      I updated to latest bios using F7 method.


      During update video showed progress with expected text until nearly the end and then the screen went black.

      I thought the update had failed so I attempted the recover process. No video signal.


      Intel Tech said my memory, with 1.6v chips, was out of spec. But there was no beep code with the memory installed and the 3beep code when it was pulled. Wait for 2x4GB sticks to arrive, installed them, didn't work--still no video, no sign of bios, monitor reporting no video signal.


      Intel Tech decided that BIOS was corrupted and gave rma instructions. Wait for board to go to Kentucky, warranty board to return. Arrived, but still no video. Tech decided that the original BIOS update had killed a maybe dying video card. Replace video. I took the box to a shop--a test video card showed a bios message complaining that one fan wasn't hooked up. My video card replaced in box showed nothing. So computer working, my video card not working.


      Bought new card locally (not easy in small rural town). Didn't work. No sign of video when power turned on. Nothing else hooked up. No drives, no sata cables, no other cards. But also no video. No beep signal indicating lack of video even when card pulled. 3beep code when memory is pulled. Strange. Lotsa lotsa time under the bridge and still no computer.


      Read reviews on the new video card which indicated that there were a lot of DOA complaints with it. The interpretation was that certain models of computer just weren't compatible with this design of video card. Took it back for refund.


      I think that my video card is probably not broken, just that the newer DH55HC BIOS is now incompatible with a range of video cards. Browsing the suggested links from posting this it is clear that Intel has trouble with these bioses and video cards. Why don't the techs know that?


      I've been trying to get this motherboard working for a month now, after having a computer that worked pretty well until I tried to update the BIOs. I have no other machine with PCIe to test my original video card. I'd buy another video card online if I knew of a class of them that works with this board's new bioses. (The only other shop that sells PCIe cards in my small, remote town only carrries only the same model that didn't work when I bought it from the first store.)


      If you have a way to fix this, please let me know. Downgrading the BIOS isn't recommended. Might it work for this board and get me back the function I used to have or is it too risky? I've never seen such an implausible set of circumstances before. Again, any help would be appreciated. I'd give up and get a Sandy Bridge i5 and Sandy Bridge motherboard, but my faith in Intel boards is sinking fast. Anyone have experience with Sandy Bridge and Linux?


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          If the test video card fitted by the shop displayed a BIOS message indicating a fan wasn't connected then you need to check that - the last thing you want is a fried CPU because its cooler fan isn't plugged in!


          Clearly the fact that their test video card worked and got a display points towards a video card related problem. If your local computer shops don't have anything other than what you've already tried, ask them to get something in - maybe the same as what it tested and displayed a message on screen using.

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            There are several instances where a bios update results to a blank screen (you can search in the forum on these cases). Most of the fix done is to go back to the previous working bios by doing the recovery method. It might be a good thing to do the recovery before exploring other solutions to problems created by the update. This new problem might be related to the update irself only.

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              Thanks for the thought. The fan on the processor's heat sink is connected and working just fine. I should have explained that the fan referred to is the fan on the side of the box. That side was off for testing and the air inside the wide open box is the same cool air as in the room.


              It is clear from spending a bit more time with the right search terms that Intel has an ongoing problem with video being screwed up by BIOS updates on these boards. Sure, I can wait a few more days to get another video card mail order, but I cannot get one like the shop owner used for testing. It is obsolete. Getting a brand new video card as I did,  and still getting no video is something that seems likely to happen again unless I get better clues as to what card to order.

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                Thanks for the reply. As you said and as I have found, there are a number of forum threads implicating a BIOS update as causing video cards not to be recognized. I haven't found one that was specifically about the DH55HC, but it is clear that Intel has had a problem with BIOS updates causing video cards to suddenly not be seen. On the other hand I was hesitant to start with a BIOS recovery downgrade because of warnings on this site from Intel saying it that downgrading the BIOS isn't supported.


                I was hoping that someone who had done this kind of downgrade with the DH55HC would see this thread and 1) report if it worked; and 2) make a specific suggestion of the BIOS version that worked for them in doing this.

                • 5. Red herrings strike again...

                  First, I can say that the substitution of the computer shop's video card for mine was a red herring. The tech must have misaligned mine a little or something--my card isn't broken and it works under the same conditions as his test video card. That one sent me on a lot of false trails unfortunately.


                  The answer was peculiar: updating the BIOS in some way changed the configuration of the PS2 port that I had my keyboard plugged into. After the update when that keyboard was in the PS2 port the POST did not finish and the BIOS configuration was unavailable and the computer would not boot. The real key to the machine booting in the computer shop was that I did not take my heavy and wonderful old keyboard into the shop. He plugged in a PS2 keyboard he keeps at his repair table.


                  The keyboard was an AT-style keyboard that I've used in various boxes for over 20 years. A really nice clicky keyboard with a hybrid layout of the function keys that I have used an AT plug-to-PS2 converter to allow it to plug into a host of PS2 jacks in various computers for years. It has never caused another box to fail to boot. The keyboard still works fine in other boxes and other copies of the same model of keyboard plugged into the newly updated machine also cause it to fail to POST and boot. Different PS2-AT converters (I have several) still cause the failure. Other PS2 keyboards I've tried work fine in the new box. I went back to the shop and bought a $12 MS usb keyboard which will do for the time being. The computer works fine now and I am loathe to update the new motherboard to see if a later version allows the converted AT keyboard and connection to function. I'm thinking of getting a PS2 to usb converter but too happy with my computer to try that soon.


                  I would welcome some suggestions about getting an old Northgate Omnikey keyboard to work with this board, but I imagine I belong to a dwindling demographic: liking the clicky feedback and also the vertically arranged function keys of a 23 year old keyboard.