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    Will I be WiDi ready ??


      Hi all,

      This is my first post here so Hi again.


      I have just ordered a Dell XPS 17 with the following installed.


      Inter Core i7-2720QM processor


      3GB NVIDIA GT 555M Graphics card.


      If you need anymore information,please let me know.


      Now my question,will I be ready to go with WiDi when I receive my system.


      Just one last thing,does anyone know if this set up will have NVIDIA OPTIMUS.


      Thanks in advance.

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          To be sure if your system is or not compatible with the Intel® Wireless Display you must check with Dell* if they provide it as a feature of the laptop you are getting.


          The Intel® Wireless Display must be enabled and set by the computer manufacturer, setting this up in a system that was not validated might lead to very unstable behavior and/or it might not work at all.


          The minimum requirements for the Intel® Wireless Display are available in the Intel website, at:


          Intel® Wireless Display - System requirements for the Intel® Wireless Display

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            hI JorgeR,

            Thank you for your reply.

            I have been onto Dell customer services on several occasions,each time I could not get an answer to this question,all I hear is that if it has two graphics cards and Optimus installed it should be WiDi ready,that is not good enough for me if I purchase the required adaptor and it does not work.