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    DH67GD WTFirmware


      I jusy spent almost 3hours trying to figure out what is up with the latest firmware. I just got a DH67GD.  Built my machine, fire it up, then dieceded to flash the firmware.  I went with the latest and greatest.

      BIOS Update [BLH6710H.86A]

      This  download record provides three options for updating the BIOS of the  following Intel® Desktop Boards: DH67BL, DH67CF, DH67CL, DH67GD, DH67VR.






      Right away after the reboot, no splash screen, stuck and a blinking cursor and couldn't do a thing.  It took me a while to figure out how to recover the firmware (use to all my gigabyte boards), then I started trying others.  Turns out I had to go all the way back to 102.  Anything higher will make my machine unusable.  I can't get in to bios is any usb device is plugged in.


      Anyone else seeing this?  I have no idea why I can't flash higher than th102, especially sice that was released in January.  Sad too, this is my first intel board in a long time (besides my atom combo).  Never had anything like this with all of my other gigabytes.



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          I have a DH67GD since january, and replaced it recently with a DH67GDB3 coming with 076 bios.

          The best, simple and reliable way to upgrade the bios is to use F7 key at startup.

          First you have to enable the option of displaying F7 in boot options in the bios settings.

          Then prepare an USB key drive with BL0122P.BIO file you copy to the root directory.

          At startup splash screen press F7, then select the USB drive, then the .bio file, and accept flashing.

          It displays the flash progress on screen and after complete restarts the system.

          Wait until the restart is complete, even if it takes two times to complete.

          Look at the release notes, and see that when you upgrade to 122 the only way to come to a previous release is recovery.


          I had some experience with recovery (with DG45ID), you have to put the same BL0122P.BIO on a CD disk  and power on with the CD in.

          Recovery process may be silent or not, you should wait several mn.


          I upgraded my second motherboard from 076 to 122 in a single step without any problem usinf F7.

          Previouly I did the same with the old B2 rev. from 119. In fact I passed thru all the releases with this board, one after the other during its life with F7.

          Never use express upgrade from windows... in the past I had troubles with another board using this way.

          bios 122 has a nice option to individualy enable hotswap for the six sata ports.

          bios 119 also introduced if I remember well the capability to modify parameters of minimum fan speed, and processor target upper temperature.

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            Thanks  for the reply.  I used F7 to upgrade the bios.  When I said I just built my machine I mean hardware build, not software yet, I have never even been to the point of installing windows.   I do have the DH67GDB3 and I cannot flash higher than 102.  If I flash it right now using a USB stick and F7 it will freak out.   It will go to a screen with a flashing cursor, not show the Intel splash screen, and ignore and f key if there is any bootable device enabled, even my raid.  Its not a huge deal that I am stuck at 102, I just don't want this to be part of a bigger problem.  This is going to be my hyper v home server.


            could it be something with my hardware?  My setup is pretty basic.


            16 GB Corsair RAM

            Core i5 2500K

            2- 2TB Hitachi Drives Raid0


            Thanks for the reply.

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              When I flashed my DH67GD's the bios was set to AHCI for the sata ports, no raid, and I had one or two disk drives in 0, 1 sata ports and an optical at port 2 or 3. No UEFI boot, old standard bios boot.

              I was using Intel graphics from a core i5 2500 with a DVI display.

              With my first board release B2 I used F7 to upgrade from 102 to 105 then the other next releases up to 122.

              Maybe you can try a similar setting, after doing a set default values for the bios.

              The stick I was using was an old USB1 128MB FAT formated, I dont know if it has any meaning.