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    E4500 lost a core and became a never heard E5588


      Hi folks and experts,


      the mentioned problem is what I have to face to.

      I have an ASUS P5N32-SLI motherboard, and an E4500 CPU, which is a core2duo working on 2,2 Ghz.

      Two days ago the computer just started to reboot, and BIOS said : 'Unidentified CPU detected. To unleash its power upgrade BIOS". I have quickly checked it and I've flashed the BIOS. Was good, at least the computer started and stopped rebooting. At every start BIOS said the same thing, could start only by pressing F1. I have checked, and intel Utility said:CPU E5588 @ 2,2 Ghz, core2 disabled.(see picture). Never hurd such thing, loosing a core..


      I did not overclocked the CPU, since is a workstation in the office, not even took a look to such thinks. Anyone could help or give a good advice will be highly appreciated. Thank you in advance                                                                                                         5588.jpg