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    My Processor's Max turbo doesn't reach...




      I have an Intel Core i5 760, EVGA H55V 4 gigs Ram, 500 Gb Sata, Samsung Writer and Elite Cooler Master Casing.


      My processor sticks to its clock speed which is 2.8ghz it does not exceed more than that as it should reach to its maz turbo boost which is 3.3 ghz.


      I don't know why...





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          EVGA has disabled part of what is required for turbo boost to run correctly even if turbo boost is enabled in the BIOS.


          All motherboards list this other setting differently but you what to enable C3/C6/C7 State Support in the BIOS.

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            Hi Peter,

            Thanks for you reply. EVGA doesn't have any option to enable or disable Turbo Boost in the BIOS. Whereas i enabled the Turbo Boost feature in my system using the Desktop Windows Utility called (ELEET) by EVGA. And i tried to find out the C3/6/7 feature but couldn't find one in the BIOS of my EVGA H55V motherboard.

            Though i checked the ELEET utility to find out and other feature which would enable the max turbo frequency of my processor but all in vain.

            Can you find some solution for me in this regard friend.