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    Cant install xp DP67BA


      I have tried installing Xp pro / XP pro spk2 / XP pro spk3 disks etc on a new harddisk with a brandnew

      DP67BA motherboard and the problem is, is that it gets to the part where its just about

      to get to the bit where it flicks to where it shows you what drives it can install on and if

      or do you want to format the drive etc, but just as its about to flick to that part it crashes to

      a BSOD. I have an i5 and ddr 3 ram in the blue slots as stated in the manual.

      Video card is evga nvidia gforce gt 430 1gig. 1 sata hdisk baracuda and lg dvd burner.

      Everything is default in the bios.

      Interestingly enough if i put in linux ubuntu 8.04 or later it boots fine and can install no problems.


      Do these boards have a problem with the gt430 vcard?> Or is there some BIOS update required?

      Ive only just bought it on june 18th 2011 so im assuming the BIOS is quite new and should be ok?

      And help would be appreciated as i want xp on this machine nothing else.

      Note: Should it work with Xp or am I supposed to run win7 on it?

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          If the BIOS was left at default, it's probably set to AHCI mode, which will not work unless there is a driver available for Windows XP to use during the install.  Normally, you'd hit F6 at the beginning of the WinXP installation where you'd be later promted to load a driver off of a floppy.  Since I'm going to assume you don't have an external floppy drive available, you can do one of two things:


          Change the Chipset SATA Mode to IDE in the BIOS.


          Or, if you wish to use AHCI / RAID you can slipstream the Intel RST AHCI / RAID driver into the Windows XP distribution you wish to use:  http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/107504-integration-of-intels-sata-ahci-and-raid-drivers/


          You can also update the BIOS should you wish to.  As far as I can see, DP67BA's shipped with either 0031 or 0037 depending on the revision; 0067 is the newest.