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    SR2500 Hot Swap Controller Firmware Update failed




      we are currently running some SR2500 servers with vmware esx 3.5 and considered upgrading to vsphere 4.1. After upgrading one machine with a test version of 4.1 it ran some days and suddenly stopped with a psod. We tried rebooting several times and it would always stop running after a couple of hours to a couple of days with the same PSOD error. According to




      this is due to an issue with the hot swap controller firmware. Ours have version 2.05 running. Now I grabbed the firmware upgrade from the intel page (version 2.15) and it always fails. The upgrade utility starts uploading the firmware and then suddenly stops stating the upgrade has failed. The HSBP afterwards is unresponsive until I toggle a cold boot of the server. After cold booting it would again state that version 2.05 is running and upgrading process may be started again and fail again.


      Does anyone know why this upgrade isn't successful and how I can apply it?