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    Need correct audio jumper settings


      I can't get my mic to work on my headphone.  I think the jumper setting on the motherboard is incorrect.  The connection instructions of the DP965LT motherboard are different from the labels on my computer case.  According to the intel instruction the connection goes as following:


      Port 1L (1) (2)GND

      Port 1R (3) (4) Presence#

      Port 2R (5) (6) Sense1_Ret

      Sense_Send (7) ( )Key                      

      Port 2L (9) (10) Sense2_Ret


      My case connections does not have Presence#, Sense1_Ret, Sense_Send nor Sense2_Ret cabling.  The cables listed in my computer case are Port 1L, Port 1R, Port 2R, Port 2L, Ground, Mic Pwr and Mic In.  I am quite sure I have the Ports connected correctly but I am not sure where the Mic Pwr and Mic In should connect on the diaphram listed above. 


      Any help will be greatly appreciated as I need to use my headphones daily for Skype calls.

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          After much searching, I finally found the answer to this dilemma.  My case have the AC '97 audio cables and all I had to do is disconnect these cables from the motherboard.  While I am not able to use the front headphone and mic jacks, I can use the back audio jacks (which is fine with me as long as the mic works).  For future references to those who have AC' 97 audio cables in their computer case, below is the correct settings for connecting those cables to your Intel motherboard.


          Pin      Signal Name                              Pin      Signal Name

          1          MIC                                             2          AUD_GND

          3          MIC_BIAS                                  4          AUD_GND

          5          FP_OUT_R                                6          FP_RETURN_R

          7         AUD_5V                                     8          KEY

          9         FP_OUT_L                                10         FP_RETURN_L


          I hope this help someone and good luck!!!