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    Win 7 64-bit: picture color shift after upgrade from Vista


      Hello, this is my first post on the forum and I am looking for help. I have Toshiba Satellite A135-S4656 laptop, which came with Vista Basic version. Since then I have updated RAM from 1 GB to 2 GB and I use 2 GB GD card for ready boost. I have not seen any problems with pictures processed on desktop with Win XP. Problem started after installing Win 7 Professional. Actually, the only problem is with my pictures. Colors are washed out. There is also big color shift: red became orange, hot pink is not hot anymore, and vibrant blue is grey/blue. At the beginning I used video driver from Win 7. Later I downloaded appropriate driver for 945 Chipset Family video driver. Nothing helped. I connected high resolution LCD monitor to verify it is not monitor driver. It did not help either. I tried color profile from my XP machine... the same result. I did try to go back to Vista driver, but Win 7 does not allow me. Another problem is with Photoshop. I lost control over colors there too. I am unable to fix them. The problem affects photoshop. I have used Win 7 color calibration tool with no avail. So, I contacted Toshiba, Microsoft, and Intel. Everyone point fingers on each other. Can anyone help me?

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          I forgot to add... the problem of color shift affects my pictures only. Web browser screens, windows screens are fine. I have spoken with few graphic designers and they said they do have problems from system to system, but my case is extreme. I did call one of the Camera shops which also do processing and they told me they did have identical problem. The only solution was to get third party calibration software. But, this is expensive and I am not sure of the final result.