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    DX58SO2 hangs on boot with LSI SAS HBA


      Just building a new machine with the DX58SO2 MB. All works perfectly until I install a LSI SAS 9212-4i4e HBA ( http://www.lsi.com/channel/products/storagecomponents/Pages/LSISAS9212-4i4e.aspx ) to run a external tape drive. As soon as the HBA is installed (in any PCI-e slot) the machine will not post. It starts to boot up then hangs with a flashing cursor on the screen and displaying 'Eb' on the Status LED's (according the the manual this means 'Calling legacy option ROMs'). It is not possible to <F2> to BIOS Settings with the card installed so the only way to get the machine running again is to remove the card. Have tested the LSI HBA on three other MB's I have access to at the moment and it works perfectly in all of them.


      There was an older BIOS on the board at the time of receipt and this displayed the same behaviour. I updated to current in an effort to fix the problem. HBA is running most recent BIOS and Firmware and I am confident there is no problem with it as runs perfectly in everything else I have to test with.


      Relevant configuration is as follows:


      Motherboard DX58SO2 - BIOS - 0779

      CPU - i7 970 (no overclocking)

      RAM - Corsair 24GB (6x 4GB) DDR3 1600MHz DOMINATOR - XMP Profile Loaded

      VIDEO - ATI Radeon HD 4350


      Any asstance would be hugely appreciated. I have tried everything I can think of!

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          Try setting the memory speed to use spd, without the XMP profile, this will bring the memory clock speed in line with the CPU's at 1066.

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            Thanks but I have tried that without any luck.

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              I have an LSI 9260-8i in an Intel DP55KG, I always upgraded the card's firmware to the latest version up until about Jan-Mar of this year, it is really a strange issue I have so I will try to break it out:


              1. LSI-9260-8i w/8 x X25-E's (1.6 gigabytes/sec)

              2. No issues upgrading the bios/firmware on the card for years (2008+)

              3. Recently though, there was an update I had a VERY similar problem to what you had, the BIOS gets "stuck" at EB or around there, the WEIRD thing is though if I disconnected the drives, it BOOTS OK and lets me get into the BIOS, but then I cannot boot my array.


              The FIX was to downgrade the firmware on the card using DOS in realtime mode to the previous version that worked, if you have an older firmware for it or you can find older ones online, I'd recommend flashing them down to lower revisions, start with the oldest one first and if it works, you're all set, if you continue to have problems, continue to flash to see if there are any versions that work.  Also, make sure your motherboard is at the latest version as well.


              If you need the flash procedure let me know (for the LSI board), it is not easily found and its not what you'd think.

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                Thanks for the suggestion. The LSI shipped with Version 7 and I have taken it up to Version 9. Neither of these work in the DX58SO2 and so far as I can tell are the only two versions of BIOS/Firmware released for the card.


                Interesting, I have overnight tried the LSI card in my DX58SO at work and it works perfectly. Have now tried two DX58SO2 boards and both of them hang on post. Seems the problem is exlusive to the DX58SO2.

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                  I'm having exactly the same problem with that board and an LSI 9240-4i controller. After updating the firmware to the current one, the machine hangs at startup and the POST-LEDs display "58". The controller works fine on another old serverbord from Intel but NOT on a second Intel Desktop board we had lying around. Weird.

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                    Are the BIOS versions and FIRMWARE verisons identical?



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                      They certainly were in my example. I tried every possible combination of BIOS/Firmware on both the Card and the MB and nothing I could do would get the machine to post. Eventually chucked the DX50SO2 and replaced it with a ASUS Rampage III Extreme which has worked fine. Also solved the problem i mentioned in this post http://communities.intel.com/message/129280#129280 which I was also unable to resolve.There are clearly some quirks with the DX58SO2!

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                        I thing that's the intel MB bios problem, I checked my 9260-8i(firmware ver 1197 and 1242) on DX58SO and DX58SO2, The same problem:hang on boot screen.

                        But the lsi adapter worked on supermicro x8da6 and XPS730, the problem not solved untill now.  If you want the adapter work fine, I thing you may downgrage your lsi firmware to 1094, I will be good condition on  work!

                        you can download the earlier firmware from this link:http://www.lsi.com/support/products/Pages/MegaRAID%20SAS%209260-8i.aspx

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                          Same problem here!


                          My System:


                          DX58SO2 (BIOS 0876), Mainboard HW version is: AAG10925-205


                          Tested LSI 9260-8i and LSI 9260CV-8i.


                          Intel BIOS 0876, 0724 and 0603 do not boot with LSI 0073.

                          Intel BIOS 0876 does not boot with LSI 0048, 0073 and 0077.

                          BIOS boot code 58.


                          Intel BIOS 0876 does boot with LSI 0036 (very old!).

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                            I can also confirm that DX58SO2 with BIOS version 876 works with LSI MegaRaid SAS 6Gbps 9260-8i with firmware package version 12.12.0-0036 (firmaware version 2.120.13-1094 from Dec 3, 2010).


                            I tried with newer LSI firmware, but that never worked, system doesn't POST.


                            Even though 0036 firmware works, I had to disable the on-board Marvel controller in the DX58SO2 BIOS. After jiggling around for a day I again enabled the Marvell controller and now all seems to work. Don't know why (but could be due to that I afterwards also installed an Asus U3S6 HBA, which is also based around a Marvell chip).


                            To summarize, I have:

                            - ATI Sapphire video card 5450 (passive cooling)

                            - LSI MegaRaid SAS 6Gbps 9260-8i (without BBU) firmware 0036

                            - Asus U3S6 HBA

                            - 24GB RAM

                            - i7-950 3GHz quad-core


                            OS is WIN-7 x64 Pro with VMWARE Workstation 8.01


                            Merry Xmas!



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                              Some more info about a conflict between my LSI 9260-8i MegaRaid card and the onboard DX58SO2 Marvell 88SE9128 SATA controller:


                              If a disk is connected to any of the 2 Marvell 6Gbps SATA ports, then during boot, the bios of the LSI card doesn't load and the system goes into endless reboots. If no disks are connected to the Marvell SATA ports during boot, then systems boots fine into WIN7-64bit-Pro SP1. After WIN7 startup, I can then connect disk(s) to any of the Marvell SATA ports and use these disks from WIN7.


                              Has anybody else observed similar behaviour?


                              As mentioned in my previous post, I am running latest 876 bios on the DX58SO2 and (old) firmware 0036 on the LSI card.



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                                I've tried (Intel BIOS 0876) with the current fw as of 28th of Dec 11, FW-Vers. 2.120.243-1482 (Package 12.12.0-0090) and:


                                IT WORKS!!!

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                                  Hi Fx,


                                  Excellent news!


                                  Do you have the possibility to test your 9260-8i with DX58SO2 bios 0888 and LSI Package 12.12.0-0090?


                                  I upgraded my DX58SO2 from 0876 to latest bios 0888, which came out a few days ago (see my post http://communities.intel.com/thread/27775?tstart=0).


                                  The new motherboard bios works fine with the (very old!)  LSI package version 12.12.0-0036, although I have been using my system for 1 day only, so it's early days. But since this is now my main system it's not easy to test new LSI firmware. Perhaps you have the possibility?


                                  Incidently what OS are you using? And which corresponding LSI driver version?





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                                    Never mind Fx. Throwing all caution aside, I upgraded my LSI 9260-8i firmware to Package version 12.12.0-0090.


                                    I can confirm that the combination DX58SO2 bios 0888 with LSI MegaRaid 9260-8i firmware Package version 12.12.0-0090 works!!!


                                    Problem solved!!!

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