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    Shutdown problems with Intel Core i5 2500k (hd 3000)


      Dear forum members,


      1 week ago I bought a new system. Specs that are relevant are:

      1) Motherboard: MSI h67ma e 35 b3 stepping

      2) Processor: Intel Core i5 2500k

      3) Graphics: Running on Intel Hd 3000 graphics


      I will put it straight. The problem is that my computerjust shuts down and restarts (no blue screen or error message at next startup) primarily when there is stress on the graphics as far as I have noticed. For example in 3/7 cases it would shutdown when running the Windows 7 system performance tool(the one with the scores). The same would also happen after running F1 2010 at its full analysis for upto 5 minutes. I know that this game is made for good graphics but shouldn't the igpu  just drop frames instead of shutting down the pc? And ok with that, why does it shutdown when the system tests direct x 9, and primarily 10 values. I used MSi's OC Genie at the beginning but switched it off, proplem persists. I would be happy for a quick response guys or even an estimate whether it's a hardware or software problem we are talking about